The Centrefold Experience – Come Play!


You or someone you know has popped the question and is now looking to fulfil what would have to be the most enjoyable right of passage that a man can experience in his life! Welcome to Melbourne’s best Bucks Parties! Let us help you throw a night that your party will be talking about for years to come, we do this every weekend and know what makes for a good night out. Choose from one of our famous packages below or feel free to get in contact to design a custom function.

Bucks Parties

Melbourne is known as Australia’s party capital, and Centrefold is known as Melbourne’s wildest night spot. Known as Melbourne’s best strip club, Centrefold has some of the sexiest and most talented dancers around find out why more and more people are flying to Melbourne to throw their Bucks Parties at Centrefold Lounge.

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Melbourne Bucks parties


Party Like The King Himself


Two girls enter the room and begin acting out their Fantasy show, does your Buck have a certain type? Maybe you want them to reenact a point in his life? Let us know ahead of time and we can tee it up for you – we love new Ideas! Of course we also offer the classics, so if you’re looking for school girls or cheerleaders we’ve got you covered.

Dominatrix x2

Time to get BUCKED.  Two new girls enter armed with shaving cream, candles with hot wax and ice. Now you’re going to have to let us know how far we can go with this one, you know your mate better than us. Let’s just say if your game to give your Buck an experience he’ll never for get then SO ARE WE.

3 Girl Lesbian

The cherry on top! Let your Bucks wildest dreams come true as they find themselves sandwiched in the middle of a lesbian three-way. You’ve quite literally just given them front row seats to the show they’ve always dreamed of – this is what best mates are for!

Topless Bartender

Is there a stubby in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Melbourne Bucks parties

Final Fantasy $440

The last fling before the ring.


One of our stunning dancers arrives ready to take your buck for a trip into Fantasy land. Choose between the classic stripper tropes, be it a Cheerleader, Naughty Nurse, or a policewoman – we’ve got them all. We also offer custom fantasy shows if you have any ideas yourself and our girls always love new roles to act out! Want our dancers to dress up as that one hot teacher your Buck had in high school?  How about his first crush? Have some fun with the ideas and make it a night to remember!


Play time is over. Now it’s time to pull out the hot wax, ice, and shaving cream! Let us know how far we can take this one, should it be a small tease to stimulate the senses? Or should our dancers rip his shirt off and walk him around the stage on all fours!? The Dominatrix show tends to have a little crazy, a lot of sexy, and a whole lot of fun.


What’s twice as good as having one of our beautiful dancers entertain your group? Having two of them. Getting intimate with each other. Naked! Always a crowd favourite the Lesbian Show is the perfect way to finish off the Bucks Party. Let our girls blow you away as they get down and dirty in Melbourne’s hottest Lesbian show.

Melbourne Bucks parties

Wild Things $260

Make your heart sing.


Take your Buck on a trip to the promised land as one of our stunning dancers performs a Fantasy show in front of the whole party. Should you choose a schoolgirl? Maybe a naughty secretary? Give us a call and we’ll help you something out!


Part two of the Fantasy Show combo begins with a new girl entering the room in (what we would suggest) is a completely new theme. Again we have all of the standard fantasy shows available, but if you’re up for it we love crazy ideas – so hit us with what you’ve got! Do you want him to relive an embarrassing memory? Do we have a dancer who looks like his ex-girlfriend? Don’t be afraid to let your mind run wild.


You’ve taken your Buck for a wild ride down Fantasy lane, it’s time to cool them off! Our final performer graces the stage equipped with a bath, suds, and a downright devious attitude. She’ll wash that stupid look right off your face!

Melbourne Bucks parties

Buck Breaker $560

I’ve got a dirty mind, and you’re on it.


Tell your Buck it’s time to clean up his act! We send one of our stunning dancers out with a bath to get wet and wild in a show thats sure to set the mood for the evening. In a show that starts with a girl in a swim suit and ends with her in her birthday suit you’ll never look at bath time the same way again.

Dominatrix x2

Every decision your Buck has made in his life has led him to this point. Think about that for a second… It would be a shame to let this opportunity pass by without taking full advantage of it! That’s why we’re sending out, not one, but TWO of our stunning dancers armed to the teeth with ice, hot wax, and shaving cream to give your Buck a show he will not forget! Test your Buck out and have a laugh at his expense as our girls foam him up, cover him in wax and ice him off. A show the whole group can enjoy!


The grand finale, the sans parallel, the pièce de résistance! Finish the Bucks Party off with the show that’s always a crowd pleaser! Stick your Buck right in the middle of some crazy lesbian action as we send in two dancers who aren’t afraid to get  down with each other!

Bucks Parties

Build Your Own

Or add onto one of our packages.

Fantasy $80
Dominatrix $100
Bath $100
Lesbian $260
Lesbian Threesome $390
Poker $100
Topless Bar $100